About us

CybercrimeIndia.org is website formed with a motive to provide help and safety to Indian Internet users from online frauds, scams, hacking, cyber attacks and phishing activities. We also provide consultation for issues like defamation, copy right, trademark and domain name registrations.
increasing use of internet in
India, it has turned into a huge market for
the hackers and scammers all across the globe.
Every day there are number of online frauds and
scams are taking place. We will guide you how to be safe
from these online crimes and how to get out of it, if you
are stuck in any such scams or frauds.
We, Aula Regis Consultancy & Advisory Services Private Ltd. are the premium cyber law consulting firm based in Delhi. We have formed the portal specially to make people aware of these online crimes and risks involved and we guide them the best possible ways to get out of it. We investigate the issue and try to solve it with least efforts and money. We also help you lodge police complaint in cyber cells.

We provide help and consultation for the following Issues

  • Is copyright of foreign works protected in India?
  • What is the duration of Trademark registration?
  • How many types of Hackers?
  • Does any news is protected under Copyright act?
  • What is Spoofing ?
  • What is Virus Hoax E mails ?
If you need any kind of help or consultation regarding these issues, feel free to write to us to get a professional advice on the issue.