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Get Adobe Flash player is website formed with a motive to provide help and safety to Indian Internet users from online frauds, scams, hacking, cyber attacks and phishing activities. We also provide consultation for issues like defamation, copy right, trademark and domain name registrations.
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Copyright Act

Trademark is a legal identity of an individual, business enterprise or firm to provide a unique identity to the products and services they provide to their consumers. A trademark can be a name, word, phrase, symbol, design, image or logo to have a unique identity.


When any sort of defamation is done using internet then it is called Cyber Defamation. Cyber defamation is a crime which is conducted in cyberspace mostly through the medium of Internet with an aim to defame a person or a company.


Stealing someone's personal data for own use, breaking through into a company's account and making changes in their database, accessing someone's network and hacking for several other similar reasons is a punishable offence.


Pornography is illegal in India but there is no particular definition of it. Indian government has made many attempts to combat pornography and limit the obscene content on the internet. Law governing body all across the globe has not got any success...

Identity Theft

Identity theft actually is way through which criminals somehow obtains the personal information of people who identity they want to use for any illegal purpose. The Identity theft can lead to serious consequences as the criminal can use the information for immigration or other such important applications. For more details on cyber defamation or for having any advice regarding any cyber defamation case please contact us.

Cyber Attack is also a cyber crime which can also be called a Computer Network Attack (CNA) is an attack from one computer to another using a network deliberately to alter, disrupt, deny, degrade, or destroy the data hosted in the attacked system or network.

Online Fraud

It is easy to connect to a large number of people using the internet, here the strength of the internet working as a tool for the scammer. With the internet they can fool a large number of people in a short period of time and before that you realize that you fall pray of online fraud you would become a victim of online fraud.
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